10 Hidden Wedding Expenses Brides Should Be Aware Of

Today’s post will give brides a heads up on unexpected expenses. It is never good when you have to pay fees that you didn’t know about until the day of the wedding.  If you have any expenses to add to our list, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.
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Gratuity is one of the most commonly overlooked wedding costs. Gratuity is pricey and will put you over the edge if you forget about it. You are expected to tip everyone from your catering company to your florist. It is polite to tip the hostess and cleanup crew at your reception center.

Taxes are easily forgotten. The price tags at the grocery store and gas pump don’t include taxes; the same goes for wedding services. It is always smart to ask about the total price (after taxes and gratuity) before you hire a wedding vendor.

Overtime Costs
Most of your wedding vendors will charge an hourly rate for overtime. Most wedding receptions run longer than expected. Ask about overtime fees and be prepared to pay them.

Postage Stamps
Sending out wedding invitations can be expensive. 46 cents doesn’t sound like much but if you are sending out 200 invitations, that’s almost 100 bucks on postage.

Sound Equipment for DJ or Band
Most disk jockeys and wedding bands include their sound equipment in their price. What brides forget to take into account is the size of the venue. If you have a large venue, it is sometimes necessary to rent additional speakers and sound equipment for the wedding. Your wedding band or DJ will take care of bringing extra equipment but you are the one who will pay for it.

Weddings Dress Alterations
Bridal shops usually price wedding dresses (as is). This means that you will have to pay for the dress to be altered.

Delivery of Rental Equipment
Almost every bride forgets about this expense. When you rent wedding equipment you are paying for the equipment. If it needs to be loaded into a truck/van and delivered, you will pay a delivery fee.

Vendor Travel Fees
Most wedding vendors charge a travel fee. The cost of this fee depends on how far the vendor has to travel. Make sure you understand how much you will be charged before the day of the wedding.

Post Wedding Clean Up Costs
Most wedding reception centers have a crew that is available to assist with cleanup. Some reception centers charge a cleanup fee and others include cleanup in the original price. Make sure you know if you need to pay extra. It is always courteous to tip the cleanup crew.

Outside Vendor Fees
Many reception centers and venues require you to use their “preferred vendors”. This means there will be a list of caterers, florists, photographers, etc. that you will be asked to choose from. If you choose a vendor that is not on the list, you will be charged an “outside vendor fee”. The upside of preferred vendors is that you usually get a discount with the vendors. These are usually trusted and quality services.

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