10 More Money Saving Suggestions for Our Brides!

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Today we want to address that quality is important when it comes to your wedding. From quality materials to quality vendors, every bride deserves a nice wedding. Some brides think they can’t afford to hire quality wedding professionals but we hope to teach you how. Trimming and cutting back on unnecessary expenses is crucial; if you are smart with your decisions you can make your money go a long way.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you trim some of your wedding expenses:

Comparison Shop
We have mentioned this before but we can’t overstress it; the more time you spend looking for good deals, the more money you will save. If you are on a tight budget, compare different wedding vendors and find the deal that suits you best.

Remember, quality is important. Finding a great deal and finding the cheapest price are two very different things. Look for good deals instead of the cheapest prices.

Give New Businesses a Shot
There are hundreds of wedding professionals that have spent years building their brand or name. These professionals can charge a higher price for their services. If you can’t afford their services, give a new professional a shot. Make sure you check their portfolio to make sure they can offer quality work.

Use what is in season
It’s easy to find good prices on food and flowers that are in season. If something is out of season, you have to pay top dollar to get it. Every season has its delicious foods and beautiful flowers. Take advantage and use what’s in season.

Buffet Style or Family Style
The more servers you need, the more expensive your catering will be. If you serve your guests family style or buffet style you can get away with less than half the servers you would normally need.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dessert
Serving dinner to each of your wedding guests can cost a fortune. Having a morning or mid-day wedding reception can make hiring a caterer more affordable. If you can’t afford to serve dines but have your heart set on an evening reception, serve dessert only.

If you serve dessert only at your reception, make sure to start your reception a little later than usual so that your guests can eat dinner before they come to the reception.

Simple isn’t a bad thing
Many brides like their weddings to look expensive. We are hope you realize that it doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. One mistake brides make is over-decorating. Having simple but nice decorations can look fancy and expensive. Staying simple can cut your budget more than anything else.

Borrowing saves money
There are some things that brides want to buy so they can keep for the memory. A wedding gown is one of those things; but what about bridal accessories such as shoes and jewelry? Borrowing the less significant things will cut your budget significantly.

Hire your vendors for a shorter amount of time
Having a wedding band brings a classy vibe to any wedding. Some brides immediately think that they can’t afford a wedding band or a DJ. What most brides don’t know is that you don’t have to hire wedding professionals for the entire night.

For example, ask your wedding band if they are willing to play for one hour. Have the band come for the first dance, and the main part of the reception then bring your own music to play in the background for the rest of the event. You can even hire your photographer for an hour or two instead of the entire day.

Take advantage of public facilities
Every city has public facilities that are available for weddings at very low costs. Public museums, libraries and even city buildings often have banquet rooms that are available for weddings. We have seen amazing receptions at public parks.

Honeymoon Cruise
Every couple deserves to be treated like royalty on their honeymoon. The only problem is that a resort-like experience can cost an arm and a leg. Look for cruises several months in advance. You can book cruises and airfare for very affordable prices if you book in advance.

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