21 Questions to ask your Wedding Caterer

Hiring the right Wedding Catering Service is crucial for your wedding

Here are 21 questions to ask your wedding caterer. There are thousands of questions that you can ask but we want to share a few of the basics. We hope this helps with your hiring. Happy Wedding Planning!

Standard Questions about the Food

1. Do you use fresh ingredients?

2. Ask where they buy their ingredients. Is it fresh from a local farmer or is it frozen from Wal-Mart?

3. Do you specialize in a specific type of food?

Some Catering Services specialize in dessert catering and others with hors d’oeuvres. If you are looking for a 5 course meal, make sure you find a service that is used to serving this type of meal.

4. Do you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions?

5. Do you do Wedding Cakes?

6. Do you have chocolate fountains or other fun additions?

7. Do I get to keep the leftovers?

8. What meals are you famous for?

Ask them what the most popular meal is. Every catering service has a “signature meal”. Meals are always famous for a reason. Make sure you taste what is most popular. You don’t want to miss out.

Questions about price and business

9. This is how much I am willing to spend per person. What are my options?

If you sit down and tell a service what you want, you will almost always overspend. Making your caterer aware of your budget in the beginning is crucial. Most catering services are very respectful about helping you stay in your budget.

10. What is the price difference between served meals vs. buffet style?

11. How much do you charge per child?

12. Do you offer special packages or do you charge for each service?

Most caterers offer discounts if you purchase catering packages. These packages usually include a minimum number of guests, food, desserts, drinks and more. These packages can save you a lot of money.

13. Are you available on my wedding date?

14. What does it cost for a food tasting session, or is it free?

15. Are taxes and gratuity included in you pricing?

16. What do you provide other than food?

Some services provide tables, chairs, linens, fine china and more. It is important that you know what is provided before you hire the caterer.

Other Questions

17. Do you provide any decor?

18. How many servers do you have on staff?

19. Can you give me contact info for some of the brides you have worked with in the past?

Calling references is one of the best ways to learn about the catering service. You can ask about the food. You can ask if the service was timely or any other questions that you might have.

20. Do you have any suggestions?

Remember that you are speaking with a professional. They do this for a living. If you are missing something, they will know.

21. Can I look at some photos of your past work?

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