3 Suggestions on Fixing Wedding Day Mishaps

This bride is a taylor bridal brideAs you approach your wedding you will do everything in your power to ensure a perfect day. Something that we have learned is that no matter how much work is put forth; problems can still arise on your wedding day.

You can prepare the best you can but it’s important to understand that there are certain things you don’t have control over. This can be anything from vendors being late to getting a flat tire on the way to the wedding. Whatever the problem is, we’ll share our top 3 suggestions on solving wedding day mishaps.

First, Be Mentally Prepared
Time after time we see brides get stressed and blow up when a problem arises. Stress only makes things worse. Make a decision before your wedding that you will have a good attitude and enjoy your wedding day no matter what. Turning into Bridezilla never works. Go into your wedding knowing that something will go wrong and you’ll have to come up with a quick solution to a problem. Stay relaxed and enjoy your wedding day!

Second, Be Ready for Wedding Day Mishaps
We can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared. Problems will arise; having a backup plan will change the outcome of any problem that arises. For example, if your caterer is late make sure you have a way to entertain your guests until the food is ready. If you get a flat tire, have a friend close that will help out when needed.

Third, Let Your Loved Ones Help
Your wedding day should be the time of your life. You shouldn’t have to feel stress and fix problems. Utilize your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Having nice photos isn’t the only reason you have bridesmaids and groomsmen; they should be there for you in times of need. When problems arise on your wedding day ask your loved ones to help fix them.

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