3 Tips for Creating Wedding Memories!

Creating wedding memories by Salt Lake Wedding ReviewsThere are literally thousands of things you can do to create lasting memories throughout your wedding experience. Every bride is different and has her own opinions and ideas. Creating memories is one of the main reasons brides spend so much time and effort planning a wedding celebration. We came up with 3 suggestions that will help each bride as she strives to create lasting memories.

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer
In the past we have shared alternatives for brides who can’t afford to hire a professional wedding photographer. Yes, there are alternatives and you can have a memorable wedding without a photographer; but a photographer helps the memory last forever.

Almost every bride who does not hire a professional wedding photographer expresses regret. Quality wedding pictures are priceless. We strongly encourage you to do everything you can to hire a professional photographer. If it takes you a year of scrimping and saving, so be it. Shop around and you will be able to find a photographer for an affordable price.

Invite Everyone that’s Important to You
Having your closest family and friends at your wedding will make your day more enjoyable. We have talked to many brides who are thinking of cutting their guest lists to save some money. In our opinion it is better to spend less money per guest than to cut your guest list.

Try serving dinner buffet style or serving dessert only. Would you rather have more of your friends at the wedding or have a fancier meal? Most brides would prefer to have more guests.

We understand that some brides prefer to have a small wedding with only immediate family and closest friends. We are not trying to talk you out of a small and cozy wedding. Just don’t let money be the deciding factor as you choose your guests. Decide who you want to be at your wedding, and cut costs in other areas if necessary.

Don’t Procrastinate
Brides who are prepared will enjoy their wedding day. Finalize all of your plans well in advance. If you are making preparations the week of the wedding, you should have been more prepared. Yes, there are things that must be done on your wedding week, but have your plans made well in advance.

Being fully prepared for your wedding day will take the stress away. You will be able to enjoy being a bride. You will have the wedding of your dreams.

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