3 Tips for Planning an Informal Wedding

Salt Lake CityLet us start off by saying that we love weddings. We love formal weddings, destination weddings, big weddings, small weddings and even informal weddings. The most important thing we can tell you is this: your wedding is about you and your fiancée! Bring your personality to the table and enjoy yourself.

Informal weddings can be a blast. If you are planning an informal wedding, here are a few suggestions that will help your wedding turn out how you expect.

Personality is essential
Showing your style and personality in your wedding is the only way to be happy with the turnout. Your loved ones should smile and say “that’s so her!”

If you don’t show enough personality in an informal wedding, people will have the impression that your wedding is “cheap”. Remember that “cheap” and “informal” are very different. Even if you are having an informal wedding because you can’t afford anything else, you want your guests to be under the impression that you wanted an “informal” wedding.

A theme can change everything
If you are planning your wedding and things just aren’t clicking, try adding a theme. A theme can be the perfect solution to your wedding planning problems. A wedding theme can take a wedding from “cheap” to “informal”.

A great theme example is a “luau wedding”. Instead of a formal black tie wedding, your guests can show up in shorts and flip flops as you roast a pig! If you can’t think of any wedding themes, think of your culture. Bringing culture to a wedding is a great way to show your friends who you are.

Have an objective in mind
Many brides try to take their guests breath away by spending money on extravagant décor, delicious food and classy music. Although formal weddings are enjoyable, there are other ways to impress your wedding guests.

Have a clear idea of what you want people to remember about your wedding. What is more important, food or music? Photography or flowers? What look and feel are you hoping to create? Decide what is most important to you and plan your wedding around those things.

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