3 Tips That Will Lead to a Stress Free Wedding

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You are well aware that wedding planning will be stressful no matter what. Having a party at your home is stressful; this is planning a huge party on the most memorable day of your life. Today we thought we’d share 3 suggestions that will help you start off on the right foot.

Be organized from the beginning
Everyone has their own style of being organized. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how you organize; what matters is that you are organized from day one of the wedding planning process. If you choose to make a wedding planning binder, great! If you would rather use your smart phone or computer to organize, that’s fine too. Being organized will save you from stress more than anything else.

Establish a Wedding Budget
It’s important to set a spending budget for your wedding before you spend any money. Many brides make the mistake of booking a venue before they set their budget. This can lead to overspending or cutting in other areas of the wedding.

Set a budget and stick to it. Remember, it’s not a guideline or a goal. Your budget should be firm. Make sure to stay organized with your spending so you can stay within the budget. Most importantly, don’t go into debt for your wedding. Putting your wedding on a credit card causes stress later on.

Take Time to Smell the Roses
We meet brides that are always in a hurry. They act as if it’s always time to get things done. These are the brides that are always stressed. Approach your wedding planning adventure with a relaxed and laid back attitude. Do your best to enjoy the journey. Take breaks often and give yourself plenty of time to plan. Take plenty of photos and laugh every day.

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