5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Brides in Salt Lake City learn to plan weddings on a tight budget

Have your wedding on a week day

Most wedding reception venues have separate pricing for weekends and for weekdays. Booking a venue on a week night can save you at least a few hundred dollars. Sometimes photographers, caterers and disk jockeys have weeknight discounts.

Set your budget and ask vendors to work with you

Many wedding vendors are flexible with their pricing. Tell the vendor what you want and how much money you are able to spend. Many vendors will be willing to work with you. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find businesses that are flexible.

Price Shop

Time means money in the wedding world. The more time you spend shopping for wedding vendors, the better price you will find. Some of these businesses are competitive with pricing; keep this in mind as you shop.

Be ready for a photographer

21% of brides wish they would have spent more money on photography. The problem is that sometimes we simply don’t have the money. We strongly recommend that you do whatever it takes to hire a professional photographer.

Our quick tip is to scrounge up enough money to hire a professional photographer for at least an hour or two. Be prepared by knowing exactly what types of pictures you want and where you want them taken. This will save you time with the photographer and as a result, save you money. It is very rare for a bride to regret hiring a professional to take their photos.

Keep it Simple

There are a number of little details that make your wedding look nicer. Some of these things are not necessary if you are on a tight budget. Whether it’s a decoration or a premium service that gets cut; make sure the most important things get done first.

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