5 Suggestions for Bridesmaids

Happy Wedding Planning; Enjoy your Utah Wedding!
Today’s post is a little different than most of our posts. We are usually writing to our brides and grooms. Since being a bride is a stressful job, we thought we would create a post that will help the bridesmaids take some of the stress from the bride.
You have been asked to be a bridesmaid or a maid of honor because the bride loves you. Wedding planning can be a stressful time for the bride so you need to work with her and help her. Here are a few suggestions that will teach you how to help the bride.

First and foremost; Be involved

Being involved in every aspect of the wedding is so important! The bride needs different ideas and points of view. She needs help getting things done. She needs help staying on task and organized. You have the opportunity to help her with all of these things. As you help, remember that the bride is the decision maker. You might have different opinions but you need to support her.

Help the bride delegate responsibilities

This goes hand in hand with being involved. There is so much that needs to be done before the wedding day. If the bride tries to do it all, she will not have an enjoyable experience. Make sure she is asking for help and delegating tasks. The work load should be dispersed between the bride’s parents, siblings and close friends. The groom’s family should also be involved.

Make sure you attend all of the showers and parties

One of your responsibilities as a bridesmaid is to attend all of the special events. Being at the wedding and reception is not enough. You need to be at the bridal showers, the bachelorette party, luncheons and dinners, etc. Make sure you get work off in advance so you won’t have any problems.

A smile is more important than you know

Weddings and everything that come with weddings are supposed to be happy. One of your biggest tasks is to make sure that the bride is happy throughout the entire experience. A smile goes a long way during a stressful time.

Money isn’t everything

As a bridesmaid you are going to feel obligated to give the bride gifts at the bridal showers. Your financial situation has nothing to do with your commitment as a friend. There are a few options if you are low on cash. Option 1 is to make a gift; this can be a meaningful gesture. Option 2 is to pool money with the other bridesmaids. Have each of the girls pitch in a little bit of money to get the bride one expensive gift.

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