5 ways to ensure a high guest turnout on your wedding day

Since you will spend so much time and money on your wedding, you want your friends and family to enjoy the celebration with you. Here are some suggestions that will help you have a high guest turnout and get them to stay for the whole party.

Avoid Busy Days
Make sure to have your wedding on a slow day; and that doesn’t mean a Monday or Tuesday night. Simply avoid having your wedding on the same day as a large sporting event, charity event or conference. This will mean less traffic and less distraction on your wedding day.

If you want to keep your guests around all night you need to make sure they are comfortable. If it’s too hot or cold you will see guests leaving early.

There are a few things you can do to keep them comfortable: If you are having a winter wedding, make sure your venue or tent is properly heated. If you are having a summer wedding, find an indoor/outdoor wedding venue so your guests can go inside to cool off.

Keeping your guests comfortable includes keeping their stomachs full. Hungry guests tend to leave early. If your guests always have access to something yummy, they will stay all night long.

Child Care
Parents get embarrassed when their kids start acting up. Nothing will end a party faster than tired children. If you want your guests to stick around make sure you have something for the children to do. When it starts getting late consider having an area for the kids to watch movies.

Keep the party progressing
Don’t spend too much time on any one activity. If you are having toasts from the wedding party, make sure they are short and sweet. Of your guests are getting tired of dancing, give them a break and cut the wedding cake.

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