6 To Do’s for After the Engagement

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Not every girl knows exactly what to do once she gets engaged. There will be so many things to think about and so much emotion. This list will help you organize your thoughts and make a plan of how you will go about planning your wedding.

First: Set a Budget

Unless you have bottomless pockets of money, making a wedding budget is probably the most important step of your planning. Realize that a budget is useless if you do not have discipline and stick to it. Set aside about half of your budget for the wedding reception and don’t forget to factor in taxes and tips.

Second: Pick a Date

The reason I am telling you to pick a date next is because sometimes brides reserve restaurants and reception centers up to a year in advance. If you try to reserve a venue a few months in advance you might be out of luck.

Third: Make a Guest Count and Reserve a Wedding Venue

Make sure you look at several wedding reception venues. Consider price, location and size as you choose a venue. Make sure to stay in the budget. Make a list of guests you will be inviting to the wedding reception. Statistically, about half of the guests that are invited come to the reception; but prepare for more than half. Once you have an idea of how many will come, book a venue that will accommodate you and your loved ones.

Fourth: Make a List

Make a list of everything that needs to be done before the big day. This list should contain every detail. From flowers and decorations to food and drinks, make sure you have everything written down. Make sure you separate the most important things so they can get done first.

Fifth: Choose Other Wedding Vendors

There are many wedding details you will need to work out. Before anything else you need to make arrangements with your wedding vendors. These can be florists, DJ’s, photographers, cake specialists, caterers, etc. Make sure you reserve there services for your wedding day so that you don’t run into problems later.

Sixth: Start Planning

Finally, start planning. Here is my advice; do not procrastinate! Make sure you work on your wedding every day until everything is finished.

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