6 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Decorations

wedding tips at salt lake wedding reviews wedding blogDecorating for your wedding reception is important but it can be pricey! Your goal is to impress your wedding guests by creating a gorgeous wedding environment. This is part of the wedding experience. Many brides spend a fortune on decorations for the wedding reception but you don’t have to. Here are 5 ways to save money on decorations for your wedding and reception.

Use a Wedding Venue
We have been to many amazing backyard weddings. It’s hard to beat a perfectly landscaped backyard that is beautifully decorated. We love back yard weddings but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s cheaper than renting a reception center.

We have seen countless brides spend thousands of dollars decorating a backyard for their wedding. The good thing about reception centers is the fact that they are already decorated. Most wedding venues offer decorations and centerpieces with their rental price. This can be far less expensive than decorating a backyard.

Work with a professional Wedding Planner
When brides think about hiring a professional wedding planner they get excited! However, many brides quickly jump to the conclusion that they can’t afford to hire a pro. This isn’t always true. Yes, hiring a professional wedding planner costs money; but they can save you money on other aspects of your wedding. One of these is wedding decorations. Some wedding planners have a collection of wedding decorations that they will let you utilize for your wedding day.

Get creative with what you have
Let’s say that a reception center just isn’t in the budget; and neither is a wedding planner. Don’t stress, just get creative. Use the things you already have to decorate for your wedding. Pictures, Christmas lights, even decorations from your home. If you have a creative mind, you can make your wedding look stunning with things you already have.

Utilize your loved ones
Going along with using what you already have; ask your loved ones to pitch in. Get your mother, sisters and friends together and find decorations. Borrow décor from their homes. Get creative and create a fun and beautiful environment for your wedding day.

Do it yourself (DIY)
Making your wedding decorations can be very time consuming but can save you money. The goal is to look at wedding decorations and try to make them using inexpensive materials. Use Pinterst, Facebook, Twitter, Wedding Magazines, etc. to find ideas. Do your best to use things you already have and spend as little money as possible.

Rent your decorations
If you don’t have time to make your décor, renting your decorations is an easy and inexpensive option. Don’t buy your wedding décor! Many brides say “I’ll save it for my sister’s wedding”. Reality is the decorations will sit in storage and your sister might not even want the same decorations as you. Find a local wedding rental business and rent your décor.

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