7 Things That Will Bring Your Wedding to Life!

Salt Lake City brides will benefit from these wedding tips.
The more weddings we attend, the more we notice small details. We have attended average weddings, dry weddings and we have attended amazing weddings. We want to share our thoughts on how to take an average wedding and turn it into an amazing wedding with just a few small details.

Keep in mind that there are many other things that make weddings memorable. Today’s post is meant to give you a few simple ideas that will help bring life to your wedding.

It has been a classic tradition for the groom and his party to wear tuxedos. As of late, we are seeing more grooms and men wear suits instead of tuxedos. In our opinion, both suits and tuxedos are great. Our simple suggestion is to add a boutonniere to each of the men in the wedding party. Whether you choose suits or tuxedos, boutonnieres make men look classy!

Photo Booth
Most brides choose to hire a professional wedding photographer. We have found that brides who don’t hire a photographer regret it. Another fun way to spice up your wedding photos is to have a photo booth set up at your wedding. Many wedding photographers are offering photo booths at very reasonable prices.

Live Music or Professional Disc Jockey
We understand that hiring a wedding musician from be expensive. Our advice is to do your research before you rule this option out. There are pianists, guitarists and other musicians that are very reasonable. Live musicians including solo artists, bands and disc jockeys can change the entire feel of your wedding.

Hot Food
Hot food makes people feel good. The only down side of serving a hot meal is price. Feeding a few hundred people can be pricey. Hot hors d oeuvres and appetizers can be an affordable substitute for serving an entire meal.

Hot food smells great. This changes the attitude of your wedding guests. Even if you are serving hot desserts, there is just something about hot food that can’t be beat.

Dinning the lights a bit can bring a completely different feel to your wedding. If you feel like your wedding is under-decorated, try dimming the lights and adding some candles and rope lights. This might be exactly what you are looking for.

Child Care or Entertainment
If you are trying to have a memorable wedding, it’s important to keep your guests minds on the wedding and nothing else. Taking care of kids is as important as feeding growling stomachs. If your guests children start acting up they’ll leave the wedding early. Make sure to provide child care or some form of entertainment for the kids. This can be anything from games to movies or even video games.

Interaction with Guests
Have you ever attended with a wedding where you can see the bride and groom from a distance and can’t even find the right time to pull them aside for a hug? It’s impossible to spend quality time with each and every one of your guests but there is an alternative. Be as interactive as possible. Plan games, dance and plan activities that make your guests feel like they are “with you” instead of “watching you”.

We are so happy about your engagement! Your wedding will be wonderful. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the time of your life. Applying any of these 7 tips will make your wedding even more amazing!

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