7 Things That Will Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive

Wedding Planning Tips

In today’s post I thought it would be appropriate to share some ideas that will help you plan a wedding that looks expensive. Keep in mind that this does not mean that your wedding needs to actually be expensive. Appearance is everything. If you plan right, you will be able to have an affordable wedding that looks expensive.


Lighting is the number one most important thing that will give your wedding a pricey vibe. If the room is too dark or too bright you will not gain the feel you are looking for. Find a way to dim the lights; you can be the judge on how much light you need.

Lamps, candles, rope lights and spot lights can change the feel of your wedding in a dramatic way. If you can’t afford rope lights you can use regular Christmas lights. This doesn’t mean that you should deck your wedding out like a Christmas tree; find creative ways to make Christmas lights look like rope lights. Borrow lamps and candles from your friends. Just because you need something doesn’t mean you need to buy it.

Glass Ware

Companies are starting to make nice paper and plastic ware for weddings. I have found that when I attend a wedding where traditional glass ware is provided, the wedding always feels more expensive. Rent glass ware or borrow from your friends. You can use standard fancy glass ware that is used at home. In some cases the china doesn’t even need to be the same at every table. Each table can be decorated differently.

Classy Music

As you probably already know, music will change the entire feel of a wedding. Make sure you pay attention to the volume of the music. You need to hear the music but if it is too loud you will lose the formal feel you are looking for.

If you want a formal vibe from your music then do not play the top 25 hits from the radio. It is important to choose classic and classy songs that people know without using what is trendy and on the radio.

Drink Stand

A few weeks ago I attended a wedding where a man was running a drink stand. It was free to guests and I was able to stand in line and order an Italian soda. The man made my soda from scratch right in front of me. This was a fantastic addition to the wedding. If you can’t afford to hire someone to do this, try learning to make drinks on your own and have a friend do it.

Matching Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

When I say that your bridesmaids and groomsmen should match that does not mean that you have to buy dresses and rent tuxedos for everyone. Sometimes that just isn’t in the budget. You can get away with telling your bridesmaids and groomsmen what colors to wear. Most girls own a little black dress or even another common color. You can even buy matching ties for the groomsmen. It is much cheaper to buy ties then to rent tuxedos.


Flowers can get very expensive so let me share some ideas with those who are on a tight budget. The groom should wear a boutonniere on his jacket. This is inexpensive and makes him look nicer. If you can’t put flowers on every table try using rose pedals. This is an inexpensive replacement to having expensive boutiques on each table.


If you hire a catering service then they should provide people to bus the tables. If you are preparing your own food, hire some neighborhood boys to dress up nice and clean up after your wedding guests as the night goes on. You do not have to spend much but if you have someone clearing tables so that your guests don’t have to, your wedding will feel more expensive.

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