7 Things to Avoid When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Shopping for a Wedding Dress at a Bridal Shop will be one of your best wedding experiences!

Today’s post is dedicated to helping brides avoid common mistakes when shopping for a wedding dress. Your dress is an important part of your wedding day. Here is a list of things to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress.

Avoid Sticking with One Dress Style
It is very common for brides to pick a dress style and stick to that style. We understand that you know exactly what you like but what’s wrong with trying a few different dress styles? Most brides end up purchasing a different dress than what they were expecting. There might be another style of dress that looks better on your body type.

Avoid Trying on Dresses Out of your Price Range
Time and time again we see brides try on dresses that they can’t afford “just for the heck of it”. The problem is that many of these brides fall in love with an expensive dress and “have to have it”. This leads to an unexpected credit card purchase. Most brides regret using a credit card for their dress.

Avoid Peer Pressure
When shopping for a dress, bring a friend or two with good taste. A few extra eyes will help you get into the perfect dress. Take the advice of your loved ones into consideration but don’t let them pressure you into a dress that you don’t love. Just because they think it looks stunning doesn’t mean you have to agree. Find the dress that both you and your friends approve of.

Avoid Bringing Too Many Loved Ones
Like we discussed, extra eyes can be very helpful when dress shopping; however, too many opinions can be overwhelming. Bringing two or three loved ones is perfect for the occasion.

Avoid Trying on Too Many Dresses
Have you ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress”? If so, you have seen brides try on dozens of dresses without finding “the one”. You shouldn’t have to try on more than 10 dresses. Remember that you are planning a wedding, not playing dress up. If you don’t love the dress on the hanger, don’t try it on. The more dresses you try on, the more stressful the decision will be.

Don’t Look at the Size
Most wedding dresses run small. We understand that brides like to feel skinny. Don’t let it hurt your self-esteem if you need a dress that’s two or three sizes bigger than you normally wear. Trust us it’s not you! Dresses just run small. A dress that fits perfectly will make you glow.

Don’t Shop Too Early
Once you get engaged, you will want to try on dresses right away. There are two things that can go wrong if you go dress shopping too early:

First, you find the dress of your dreams before you are ready to purchase it. When you go back for the dress, you are too late, you can’t get it anymore.

Second, you find the dress of your dreams and purchase it. Four months later you find a dress that you like more.

You need to shop for a dress about 3 to 4 months before the wedding. This gives you plenty of time to order a dress if the bridal shop doesn’t have your size in stock. Get the dress tailored within a month of the wedding day. Most brides either gain or lose wait as their wedding approaches.

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