7 Wedding Day Suggestions for the Groom!

Every Salt Lake City Groom should be well educated about their wedding day responsibilities.The Groom has certain responsibilities but usually doesn’t know what they are. In today’s post we wish to help the wedding day go more smoothly for our grooms. Above all else, remember that your bride should always come first. If she has a wonderful day, so will you.

Number 7
Start your day early. Keep in mind that almost everything we do takes longer than expected. Have you ever said that you’ll leave for a road trip by 6:00am sharp? Have you ever made it out on time? Get up early enough to make up for unexpected hiccups. Your bride might need your help.

Number 6
Eat a good breakfast. The benefits of breakfast are obvious; we won’t spend time convincing you that it’s important. What we will say is that you will be nervous and anxious and good food in your stomach will be a huge help.

Number 5
Pack your bags. Be ready to go the night before. Bring everything you could possibly need for the day. This includes cologne, deodorant, pain reliever in case of headaches, antacid in case of stomach aches, hair gel, snacks, water bottles and anything else you can think of.

Number 4
Look your very best. We fully understand that it doesn’t take men long to get ready. Your bride will be spending hours beautifying herself for your wedding day. Make sure you look better than you have ever looked. Make sure your hair is perfect. Show your bride that you want to look good for her.

Number 3
Keep your groomsmen in line. Your groomsmen might treat your wedding like the party of the century. Make sure they fully understand how special this day is for your bride. Make sure they are helpful and respectful to your wedding guests and to the bridesmaids.

Number 2
Keep your cool. Your wedding day has the potential to be one of the most stressful days of your life. Being prepared is the key to a smooth wedding; however, realize that things don’t always go as planned even when you are prepared. Keep your cool and don’t over react. Most importantly, help your bride keep her cool.

Number 1
Enjoy every second of the day and put your bride first. We mentioned earlier that if she has a great day, so will you. You put all this work into having a memorable and enjoyable day; now it’s time to enjoy it. You should love your wedding day and remember it for the rest of your life.

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