7 Wedding Planning Don’ts

Salt Lake Weddings Most of our posts teach you about things you can do to make wedding planning easier. Today we would like to discuss 7 things you SHOULDN’T do. As usual, we can’t teach you everything in one short post but here are a few things that have been on our minds…

Don’t be a super hero
Have you met the bride who made her own wedding dress, wedding cake, flower arrangements, decorations and still had time to write a song to sing at the wedding? Well, accept the fact that you are not that bride! The super hero bride is one in a million. Trying to be a super hero will only make you stressed and overwhelmed.

Don’t be a bridezilla
We always hear stories about bridezilla’s. The truth is that most bridezilla’s don’t realize that they are being one. If you want to avoid being a bridezilla, do your best to be laid back. Realize that most wedding planning problems have simple solutions. Do your best not to over react and try to be pleasant in stressful situations.

Don’t keep your wedding guests too long
There is nothing wrong with having a long lasting wedding reception. You do however want to avoid having 3 to 4 hour breaks between your ceremony, luncheon and reception. It’s hard for your wedding guests to give up a 14 hour day for the wedding, especially if they have young children.

Don’t ignore your future spouse
Wedding planning is busy and stressful, we understand. It is easy to devote every waking minute to wedding planning. DON’T! Don’t give up your life for your wedding. Make sure you spend time with your fiancée. Go on dates and watch movies. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Don’t give in to persuasion
As you plan your wedding your mom, your sisters, your bridesmaids, your fiancées mom and others will try to tell you how to plan your wedding. Their advice can be valuable but keep in mind that it’s your wedding and you get to have it your way. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to be reasonable or spend as much as you want; but it means you get to make decisions.

If a loved one doesn’t like your dress or your colors, listen to their suggestions but don’t let them talk you into what they think is best. Thank them for their input, take it into consideration but don’t feel guilty about making your own decision.

Don’t Starve Yourself
Looking great in your dress is important but don’t overdo it. It’s one thing to diet and exercise but you shouldn’t stress about weight. Don’t skip meals and don’t risk your health to look nice in your dress. Feeling good is more important than being skinnier.

Don’t be afraid to be unique
Don’t be afraid to give your wedding a touch of your personality. Yes, there are traditions and yes there are trends but it’s your wedding. If you don’t like what’s trending, change it up!

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