Are Wedding Favors Really Necessary?

Should Brides provide Wedding Favors for their Guests?

There has been a debate about wedding favors for many years. Are they necessary, or are the just an extra expense. Since every bride has their own opinion, there is not one right answer. In today’s post, we will weigh out each side of the argument so you can make your own decision.

Reasons You Should Give Wedding Favors to Your Guests

  • Some of your guests have made big sacrifices to be at your wedding. It is important to say thank you. A wedding favor is a simple way to say it.
  • Wedding Favors can act as decorations at your wedding.
  • Wedding Favors are usually given at traditional weddings. There is no rule saying that you must give a gift but traditionally, wedding favors are included.
  • Giving wedding favors is an easy way to add your style and creativity at your wedding.
  • Wedding favors can match the style and theme of your wedding. It’s one more way to add to a wedding theme. This makes it easier for your guests to remember the theme.

Reasons why Wedding Favors are Unnecessary

  • The number one reason to not have wedding favors is money. Gifts to your guests can be a nice touch but if you can’t afford it, don’t stress it.
  • Depending on the amount of guests you are inviting, wedding favors might not be reasonable. If you are inviting everyone you have ever met and everyone your fiancĂ©e has ever met, wedding favors will cost you a fortune. If you are having a small private wedding, your immediate family and closest friends don’t care about a gift.
  • Wedding favors aren’t personal. Saying thank you is important but when every guest gets the same gift, the thank you isn’t as meaningful. You can give a more meaningful thank you by calling each guest on the phone and saying thanks.
  • It’s impossible to make the right amount of wedding favors. You will either be going home with extra favors or you won’t have enough. Cutting wedding favors gets rid of this stress.
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