Are you thinking of having a Winter Wedding?

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Because of unpredictable weather and freezing cold temperatures the winter season is by far the least popular season for weddings. What many brides don’t realize is that winter weddings are unique and romantic. Some of the most memorable weddings we have seen were in the dead of winter.

Have you ever been to a winter wedding? You walk from your car to the reception center in the freezing cold, then you enter and feel the warm air and you enjoy a romantic cozy environment; there’s nothing better!

Here are a few of our thoughts and suggestions on winter weddings:

  • Make sure to serve something hot. Good catering can make a winter wedding unforgettable. If you can’t afford to serve a hot meal, serve hot chocolate; it’s always fun!
  • Flowers are always nice but if you’re on a tight budget, winter weddings don’t necessarily need them (the bride’s bouquet being the only exception). You can decorate with tree branches and other winter decorations.
  • Most reception centers have seasonal pricing. You will usually get a better price during the winter. This can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • The winter season is less busy, you will probably see a larger guest turnout.

Any time is a great time for a wedding. We hope we have helped you in your decision making. If you have any questions or requests for our next post, please leave a comment below.

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