How to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift

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Brides are constantly asking us how to politely ask for cash instead of traditional wedding gifts. Since times are changing and cash has become one of the best gifts, we are dedicating today’s post to the topic.

For the most part wedding guests are more than happy to help the bride and groom by offering money. However, asking for cash can be awkward and embarrassing. Your number 1 concern is to find a way to ask for cash that is inoffensive and tactful.

Have Loved Ones Spread the Word
We have learned from trial and error that the best way to ask for money is to have someone else do it… The most tactful way to ask for money is to have your parents and loved ones to spread the word.

We have seen brides ask for money in their wedding invitations. It’s a little tacky and isn’t the most successful approach.

Register First then Spread the Word
If you are asking for money should you still register? Yes, it’s important to register because some of your guests still prefer to buy a normal gift.

Once you have registered have your parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, siblings and so on casually suggest to other guests that you could use the money.

Not everyone will get the message but you will have a number of wedding guests contribute to your savings as you start your new life!

Word of Caution
One problem with asking for money is that it puts some wedding guests into a difficult situation. Keep in mind that many of your guests have limited funds. If they give you a small amount they still deserve a large thank you. It’s the thought that counts and not about how much is given.

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