Avoiding “Bridezilla” Tendencies!

Avoid bridezilla tendenciesEvery bride-to-be has heard stories about bridezilla brides. Most brides are sweet and loving but the fact is that sometimes stress brings out the worst in us. We don’t want you to fall into the bridezilla trap so we are dedicating todays post to our thoughts on the subject.

What is a Bridezilla?
A bridezilla comes across as bossy, rude, inconsiderate of others feelings and never satisfied. Keep in mind that we are saying “a bridezilla comes across as…” The reason we phrase it this way is because sometimes brides don’t realize they are acting this way.

Causes of Bridezilla Tendencies
There are several things that can eventually lead to bridezilla tendencies; but stress is at the top of the list. In most cases, brides are not naturally rude or selfish but handle situations poorly when stress arises.

First and Foremost
It is important to realize that nothing good will ever come from acting selfish and inconsiderate. We have heard brides mention that if they aren’t bossy, nothing will turn out how they want. This isn’t true! Wedding professionals dread working with the occasional bridezilla. Every wedding vendor we have met is more likely to go the extra mile for brides that are a pleasure to work with.

Overcoming Bridezilla Tendencies

Get rid of stress
Our first suggestion is to get rid of your stress. Keep in mind that wedding planning in general is difficult so you will need to prepare yourself to handle difficult situations without getting overly stressed. The best way to do this is to live a healthy lifestyle. Get plenty of sleep, exercise often, eat healthy and take time off when you need.

Think about others
Your wedding is about you! This doesn’t mean that you are the only person that’s important. Treat those around you with respect. Have gratitude for the help you have received. Say please and thank you to those helping even if you are paying them to do it.

Don’t expect perfection
A perfect wedding is impossible. Be prepared for hick-ups along the way. Expect your vendors to do a great job but be patient when they make mistakes. If something needs to be fixed or re-done, be thoughtful as you mention it.

Have fun
The most important thing you can do is have fun. If you are enjoying your wedding then so will others. If you have a smile on your face and laugh often, it will rub off on those around you. Your wedding will by far be more enjoyable.

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