10 Tips on Avoiding Wedding Disasters

Avoiding Wedding Planning Disasters; Salt Lake Wedding BlogWe are sure that you have heard horror stories of wedding disasters. The fact is that disasters happen and when they do, it’s hard to forget them.  Here is a list of things you can do to prepare for the worst and avoid wedding disasters.

Budget Comes First
Money problems can lead to wedding disasters faster than anything else. If you don’t have bottomless pockets then don’t act like it. If you overspend on your dress, you’ll have less to spend on other things. Set a firm wedding budget before you spend a dime. This will take loads of stress away!

Always Have a Backup Plan
Problems arise, it’s that simple. Maybe the lead singer of your wedding band will be sick on your wedding day. If that happens, what’s your plan? Try to think of every possible problem that can arise and have a backup plans. This doesn’t mean you need to hire two bands! Keep it simple and bring a CD with your favorite wedding songs.

Avoid a Pimple
Brides have nightmares about waking up with a pimple on the wedding day. Do your best to avoid touching your face throughout your wedding week. Call your dermatologist and ask what to do if you wake up with a pimple.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather
If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure to prepare for wind, rain, heat, or other weather conditions. It might be smart to talk to a tent service about last minute tent rental in rainy situations.

Cake and Flowers
It’s important that your cake and your flowers look nice for the entire day. Here is your simple solution; keep your cake refrigerated when it’s not on display (between events). Keep your flowers in a dark cool place and in water when you aren’t using them (between events).

Don’t be “Bridezilla”
Here are a few characteristics of a “Bridezilla”: bossy, never satisfied, emotional, sensitive, rude, inconsiderate, difficult to work with, overspending and more. Avoid each of these things and you’ll be fine. Keep in mind that your loved ones have good ideas. Listen to new ideas and give them a chance. Don’t have a “just say no” attitude. You don’t have to use every new idea, just listen.

Have Extra Cash
Unexpected expenses are normal during weddings. You will need to tip your vendors. If your guests stay too long, you’ll have to pay for extra hours. Keep money set aside for unexpected expenses.

The Bride Comes First
Time after time we see passive brides working with family or friends with dominant personalities. This can easily lead to disaster. It is common for a passive bride to feel the need to please others and do things their way to make them happy. LISTEN BRIDES; IT’S YOUR DAY! Don’t let a loved one talk you into a different dress or different colors. It’s your wedding; you need to be pleased with your choices.

Take Time Off
The more time you spend planning, the more stressed you will be. It’s important to make wedding plans with a clear mind. This means you’ll need to take breaks when you are stressed. Do fun things with your friends. If you are stressed and overwhelmed, your chances of forgetting important details increase.

Relationship Comes First
Remember that your marriage is more important than your wedding day. The biggest wedding disaster of all is when a bride and groom develop relationship problems during the planning process. Your wedding is one day; your marriage is forever. Always put your fiancée first!

We hope this post has helped. Please keep in mind that wedding disasters happen. Do your best to prepare but if things go wrong, keep a smile on your face. Be mature enough to overlook the things that go wrong and enjoy your wedding day no matter what happens.

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