7 Beauty Tips for Wedding Brides!

Beauty tips for Salt Lake Wedding brides.It’s time to start preparing for your wedding day. You’ll be front and center and you want to be looking better than you’ve ever looked. As you know, looking good comes at a price; it takes time and effort to look stunning. Here is our short list of 7 things you can do to beautify yourself on your wedding day.

Looking Slim
It has always been important to brides to look slim on the day of their wedding. Some brides follow extreme diet’s and exercise programs. You shouldn’t go to extreme measures to slim down for your wedding day. Once you get engaged, start living a healthy lifestyle until the wedding. Eat healthy, be active and have a steady and consistent sleep schedule.

Aside from being healthy, we do have one simple trick that will make you look slim. Choose a wedding gown that compliments your body type. There are thousands of dress styles to choose from; ask your bridal shop ladies to help you find something that makes you look slim. Be flexible and be willing to take advice from your wedding gown professionals.

Every bride has nightmares about having a bad hair day on their wedding day. There are a few things you can do to avoid this. First, make sure you are not trying a new hairstyle for the first time. If you have a specific hair style in mind, make sure to try it out before the wedding. If you are having your hair done by a professional, make sure you have a pre-wedding hair appointment to make sure you like the hairstyle.

Second, don’t wash your hair on your wedding day. The oils in your hair make it look natural and help it hold your hairstyle longer. Wash and condition your hair the night before the wedding. On the morning of your wedding day, rinse your hair with water to get rid of bedhead.

Our makeup suggestions are similar to our hair suggestions. Don’t try something new on your wedding day. If you are going to a professional makeup artist, make sure you have a pre-wedding appointment or “practice run”.

Don’t try any new product/makeup on your wedding day. Make sure you use makeup that you already know looks great on your skin. If you are unhappy with your product, start trying new makeup a few months in advance.

Avoid Acne
Acne is another thing that brings nightmares to brides. The best way to avoid acne is to be healthy. Avoid sugar at all costs, get adequate sleep, drink lots of water and eat your fruit and veggies. Don’t try new product before the wedding; find products that work well in advance to ensure consistency for your skin.

Don’t begin applying this step the night before the wedding. Start preparing your skin months in advance. Stress causes acne so have a steady exercise schedule and take time to relax. Call your dermatologist and ask for advice on what to do if you wake up with a pimple.

Healthy Tan Skin
Time and time again we see brides hit the tanning bed the week of the wedding and come out with a sun-burn. We understand that you want to look tan for your wedding day; just don’t make drastic changes the week of the wedding. If you have never had a spray tan, don’t get one for the wedding. If you don’t go tanning regularly, don’t do it the week of the wedding.

It’s important that you start tanning gradually months before the day of the wedding. Your normal/natural skin color is far better than sunburn or a spray tan gone wrong.

The wedding gown and the wedding ring are the most important parts of your attire. Everyone will ask to see your ring so make sure you have clean and beautiful hands.

Many brides want acrylic nails for their wedding day. If you want to get your nails done, great! If acrylic nails just aren’t you, then don’t have them done; but make sure to get a manicure to ensure soft and clean hands.

Healthy and Happy
Our final and most important suggestion is to be healthy and happy. If you are healthy and happy it will show in your complexion. No amount of makeup in the world can hide stress. Do your best to live a healthy lifestyle. Take time for yourself; meditate, read, sing. Spend quality time with your fiancé. Being happy will make you look more beautiful than anything else.

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