The Anticipated “Best Man Speech”; Wedding Advice for the Best Man

As the best man, one of your most important responsibilities is the best man speech. This speech is often the most anticipated speech of the night. Each of the wedding speeches is sentimental and full of advice but the best man speech should always make people laugh.

Making people laugh can be a difficult task. Public speaking isn’t always natural. You might be feeling the pressure. If you are nervous, we promise, you have nothing to worry about! We have a few suggestions that will make your life much easier.

• Here is a list of things that you can include in your speech. We hope it helps:

• Memories about the groom that make him look like a Hero.

• A very funny story about the groom that will make people laugh (Make sure the story is appropriate, sometimes the past should stay in the past).

• How you have seen the groom change since he met the bride. (Is he happier? Does he work harder, etc.?)

• You can discuss what you see in the future for the bride and groom.

• You can also include some advice that you have for the bride and groom.

As you prepare, keep in mind that it is easiest to write or type all of your ideas. Get everything out of your brain so you can read it. Continue tweaking your speech until it flows smoothly. If you are a talented public speaker, we encourage you to memorize the things you want to say, then stand up and speak from the heart.

If you are not a gifted speaker, it’s ok. Type your speech and bring it with you; Just make sure you know it well enough that you aren’t looking down the whole time.

Keep in mind that short, sweet and to the point is always better than a 15 minute speech. Even the best comedians put people to sleep if they talk for too long. It is safe to say that your speech should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Remember that this is your speech. We are not giving you rules or guidelines. These are simply ideas and suggestions that can help you write the speech. The speech would come from the bottom of your heart and be as personal as possible.

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