Buying the Engagement Ring; Make it a Surprise!

Advice on Buying the Engagement Ring

Have you ever seen a proposal on a movie? One of the main differences between movie proposals and real life proposals is the element of surprise. Weddings have become more casual as time has passed. A high percentage of proposals are actually not a surprise at all. Ladies are going with men to pick out the ring. The only thing they don’t know is when he is going to pop the big question.

Today’s post is particularly important for men who want the element of surprise as they propose to their sweetheart. A surprise proposal is always more romantic. There are however, a few things you need to be aware of before you buy the ring. Buying the ring without her knowing brings a risk that no man wants…What if she doesn’t like the ring?!!

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to make sure that she loves the ring that you choose for her:

The Basics

%100 of women know exactly what they want on their finger for the rest of their life. Before you go shopping for a ring, make sure you know what she likes. Now, if you ask her what she likes, the element of surprise is gone. Use her best friends and family as your resources. Have her mom, sister or best friend ask the questions for you.

Know What She Likes

Here is what you need to know: Metal type, stone type, stone cut, ring style and size. Some girls want a solitaire style ring and others want lots of small stones instead of one large stone. Whoever is helping you find these answers should be able to get you some pictures of what she likes. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you can get your hands on a picture of what she wants, you are all set!

In addition to the type of ring she wants it is important to know how much money she would like you to spend. Some girls are upset when a man overspends on the ring. Some girls are upset if a man underspends on the ring. Find out exactly what she is expecting.

On a Tight Budget?

If she wants and extravagant ring and your budget is low, there are a few things you can do. Option number one is to buy man-made diamonds. These are far less expensive and they are very similar in beauty. Option number two is to find a ring with dozens of small stones instead of one large stone. Dozens of small stones are far less expensive than one large stone.

Shop Around

Shopping around is one of my most important suggestions. The more time you spend looking, the better the treasure. Spend as much time as possible and you will find a great ring for a great price.


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