Cactus & Tropicals

Cactus & Tropicals
12252 South Draper Gate Drive
Draper, Ut 84020
(801) 419-5587
(801) 676-0935

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Cactus & Tropicals, 3.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  • C. Linares

    DO NOT HAVE YOUR WEDDING OR RECEPTION AT CACTUS & TROPICALS IN DRAPER! Save your money and go anywhere but here. Honestly. Colleen and her staff are some of the rudest, arrogant and uncooperative people in the business I’ve come across. I have been a professional wedding emcee for several years now and I’ve never experienced such poor responsiveness, unaccountability and such terrible customer service. Bring a back-up mic in case their wireless microphone doesn’t work due to their unstable satellite/antenna (which they are not responsible for, according to Colleen, because they “can’t control the weather”) or just make sure your wedding official can shout super loudly. Have more guests show up than you accounted for? Have them stand because they won’t accommodate extra tables or chairs for you. (Actually they will, you just have to pay for it.) Oh, and bring an umbrella to avoid getting dripped on from their super leaky ceiling that falls on your clothing and on your food. We literally had puddles of dirty ceiling water on our tables. And did they do anything about it? Wipe them down, offer an apology, anything? Nope. They completely ignored us! When I addressed these concerns with Colleen, she curtly responded with a fake smile, “That’s not my problem. You pay for what you get.”

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