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Setting up for your Wedding

Our post for the day will help you avoid making common mistakes on your wedding day. One of you most important wedding day responsibilities will be to set up for the wedding reception. This includes decorations, flowers, tables, chairs, etc.

Who should be helping?
Although you [...]

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Wedding Day Warning: Applying Your Makeup

Wedding Day Beauty TipsWe have discussed this topic in the past but it has been quite some time. The purpose of today’s post is to warn you. We do our best to help you avoid making the same common mistakes that many brides make. Today’s warning is a beauty warning.


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A Valuable Tip for Your Wedding Day Schedule!

Salt Lake City Wedding Blog Since your wedding day will be one of the busiest days of your life, we’d like to share some advice that will help you with your schedule. Applying this simple suggestion will help your wedding run smooth and take some of the stress away.

A fact that can’t be [...]

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Being a Bride!!!

Wedding BlogToday’s post is for all of you future brides who can’t wait for your wedding. We’ll discuss bride basics, your responsibilities and how to enjoy your experience as a bride. We truly hope this post inspires you as you approach your wedding.

Bride Basics
As [...]

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Remember to Smile!

Remember to Smile on your wedding day!Today’s suggestion is basic and obvious but we still feel it’s important. We want to simply remind you to smile. It’s obvious that you’ll smile in front of the camera but don’t forget to smile when you [...]

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Patience in Wedding Planning

Salt Lake Wedding Blog

Today we wish to address a topic that will help every bride no matter her situation. No matter who you are, how much money you have, or how organized you are, your wedding won’t be without stress. Having patience will make your wedding [...]

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Wedding Tip of the Day! Leave Someone Behind!

Photo from The Cottage Yarrow
Today our intention is to save brides from a great deal of stress and tears with one simple suggestion. Time after time, wedding after wedding we see brides forget things.

This past week one of our brides left the belt for her wedding gown at home. Her wedding venue was about [...]

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How to Handle “The Wedding Jitters”

Overcome wedding day jitters!We are sure you have heard of the “wedding jitters” but let us start today’s post by describing these jitters. Most brides experience wedding jitters in one form or another. Wedding jitters can be anything from nerves and butterflies to anxiety.

Normal Wedding Jitters
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How to Avoid Running Late on Your Wedding Day!

Wedding Blog; Avoid Running Late on Your Wedding DayHave you ever been to a timely wedding that progresses smoothly through the night? Surprisingly, it’s pretty rare; but if you can pull it off your wedding guests will be impressed. Most weddings run behind schedule because of wedding [...]

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Avoiding “Bridezilla” Tendencies!

Avoid bridezilla tendenciesEvery bride-to-be has heard stories about bridezilla brides. Most brides are sweet and loving but the fact is that sometimes stress brings out the worst in us. We don’t want you to fall into the bridezilla trap so we are dedicating todays post to our thoughts on the subject.

What is a Bridezilla?
A [...]

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