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Central Utah Weddings

First and foremost, congrats on the upcoming wedding! This is one of the most exciting times of your entire life. As you know, we have been helping Salt Lake City brides plan their weddings for the past few years. We help brides find the best suited professionals to assist with their weddings. And we educate brides so they will have the experience they deserve.

Today’s post is a little different than our other posts. We generally stick to the Salt Lake City area but we have had a number of questions from brides in the Central Utah area. Whether you are attending Snow College or are living in central Utah, you deserve the wedding of your dreams. This post will teach you the basics of planning a wedding in Central Utah.

Adversity When Planning a Wedding in Central Utah

Planning a wedding in the city is extremely convenient. There are thousands of wedding professionals who are ready to do their jobs! In Central Utah, there are far less wedding professionals, very few venues, and very few places to get what you need. Having said this, every bride with a little extra effort can have the wedding of her dreams.

Central Utah Wedding Reception Venues

There are only a handful of actual wedding venues in central Utah. The good news is, at least your options are good ones. Our favorite and recommended venue is the Sevier Valley Center. It’s a multi-purpose entertainment and wedding venue in Richfield, Utah on the Snow College campus. The facility is used for concerts, live entertainment, sporting events and wedding receptions.

The Sevier Valley Center is Central Utah’s top wedding venue. The facility is large enough for love concerts and sport events so large weddings are easily accommodated. If you are having a small wedding, you can rent a smaller room. And the best part, it is extremely affordable. It’s hard to find this type of wedding location anywhere in the state!

Backyard or Church Weddings

Your other options are to host your wedding reception in your home, backyard or church. With proper work, these weddings can be amazing! Some of the most impressive receptions we have attended have been in back yards! But keep in mind; it’s a lot of work and can get very expensive. We suggest at least checking prices at SVC. It might be less expensive in the long run.

Photography, Flowers, Cakes

There are a handful of local professionals that do photography, flowers or cakes full time, as side jobs or hobbies. As you search out these vendors, we highly recommend looking at their past work before hiring anyone. Ask them for photos from past weddings they have worked. Ask them how many weddings they have helped with. It’s not that there aren’t excellent professionals, it’s just important that you know what you are getting beforehand.

Use the Internet

Small town weddings are more difficult to plan because you don’t have access to everything you need. Decorations, fresh flowers and other important things can be difficult to find. We highly suggest using the internet. The internet is one of the most powerful wedding planning tools out there.

Did you know, you can order your wedding flowers online and have them shipped to you? If this seems like a good fit, order a small flower arrangement to test the quality of the flowers. You might be surprised!

Check for wedding decorations. It is common for brides to buy their wedding decorations then sell them immediately after the wedding. Make sure you order early so you can return unwanted items.

DIY Wedding

Don’t be afraid of a little extra work. You might find that a DIY (Do it Yourself) Wedding is your best option. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Wedding planning almost always takes longer than expected. Ask for help from family and friends and keep a smile on your face! We hope your wedding is everything you dream of!

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