Choosing the Location of Your Wedding/Reception

Choosing the perfect wedding venue!

Today we’ll help you make one of your biggest wedding planning decisions! We’ll help you decide which wedding venue you should choose.There are of a number of variables that should affect your decision as you select a wedding venue. The 3 most important variables are price, location and size.

It’s important that you decide how much you can spend on a reception center before you reserve one. Keep in mind that a reception center shouldn’t cost more than 40% – 50% of your total budget. You need to save money for catering, flowers, photography and so on.

Once you have set a budget, find a venue that will meet your financial needs.

As you choose a venue, keep your wedding guests in mind. For example, you might love the view from a reception center that’s nestled in the mountains. Sounds beautiful but will your guests be willing to make the trip?

The more convenient the location of your wedding, the higher guest turnout you will have. Location shouldn’t be the deciding factor as you select a venue but you should consider it as you search.

It’s obviously important that you choose a venue that has enough capacity to hold all of your wedding guests. What many brides tend to forget is that it’s also important to select a venue that isn’t too big. If your venue has the capacity to hold 400 guests and you only have 100 guests, your party will look under-attended.

Make sure you have a good idea of how many guests will attend your reception before you select a wedding venue.

Traditional Reception Centers
For many brides, a reception center is the perfect fit for their needs. Reception centers usually have close relationships with other wedding vendors. This can be a good opportunity to find quality vendors for reasonable prices.

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong by hiring a reception center! (Unless you can’t afford it)

Wedding Venues in Utah

Golf Course Weddings
Having a golf course wedding can be amazing! Golf course weddings are becoming more popular and can be an affordable way to have a classy and formal wedding.

Selecting a wedding venue!

Backyard Weddings
Some of the most beautiful weddings we have seen have been backyard weddings. If you want a backyard wedding keep in mind that it will require far more work than using a wedding facility. Backyard weddings can easily be more expensive than a reception center.

If you are still motivated to throw the wedding of a lifetime in your backyard, good for you and best of luck!

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