Decorating the Wedding Getaway Car!

Groomsmen Decorating the Getaway Car at the Wedding Reception

Groomsmen, todays post is for you. Decorating the getaway car is one of your most important responsibilities. A beautifully decorated car is the final touch of the wedding reception; it’s like icing on the cake. Here are a few suggestions that might help.

Decorating the getaway car is the responsibility of the groomsmen but it is perfectly acceptable to ask the bridesmaids for their help, if you would like.

Common Mistakes

Groomsmen have a history of getting a little carried away when decorating the getaway car. The 2 mistakes made by groomsmen are: doing damage to car paint and writing crude “wedding night innuendos” on the outside of the car.

 Protecting the paint

It is important to know that there are a number of common decorating items that do damage to car paint. These include: whipped cream or anything sugar based, tape, paint etc. The safest way to protect the car is to stay away from the paint. Keep all of your writing on the windows. If you are going to use tape, scotch tape is your best bet.

Keep it Clean

“Wedding night innuendos” can be funny to you and to the wedding couple. The problem is that these innuendos shouldn’t be seen by children. There may be a number of wedding guests that find sexual innuendos offensive. If you want to joke with the groom, find the car keys and put the innuendos on the inside of the car. Make sure you keep the bride in mind while you decorate the car. Don’t be crude.

What can you use?

There are a few things that make the car look great. First is window paint; there are several things you can use to write on the windows; but window paint is pretty inexpensive and easy to find. Streamers, ribbon and balloons always make for nice decorations. Stringing cans form the back of the car is also a classic touch. Other than these suggestions, get creative!

When to Decorate the Car

Obviously the car needs to be finished before the couple leaves. The hard part is that you are expected to dance, and be a part of the wedding. Find a time when the bride and groom are distracted and sneak away. It doesn’t matter when, as long as the car is ready for them to leave.

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