DIY Wedding Cakes

Do It Yourself Wedding Cakes!

Today’s post is for brides who are thinking of making their own wedding cake. This may be because you can’t afford to hire a professional or because you are a creative DIY type of person. Either way, you want your wedding cake to be perfect. This can be a hard task to take on, so we have a few suggestions for you.

Have a Blueprint

Find a picture of a wedding cake online and use it as your blueprint. It is much easier to mimic a cake that you can look at every step of the way. Winging it just won’t cut it if you are making a wedding cake.

Keep it simple

You might be an experienced baker but keep in mind, this cake is for your wedding! The more complicated you try to be; the more prone you will be to mistakes. Traditionally wedding cakes are layered; if you are making your own cake, we recommend that you have 2-3 layers instead of 4-5.

The shape of your cake can really define it. We have seen beautiful cakes in all shapes and sizes. Our suggestion to you is to stick with a round or square cake. This will be less complicated and easier to prepare.

Use Non-Edible Decorations

It is very difficult to make a breath taking cake without using “non-edible decorations”. You can use flowers, ribbon, strands of pearls, or a variety of other things to bring your cake to life. Trust us when we say it is too stressful to make edible decorations for your cake. Simply remove the decorations before you serve the cake.

(The cake in the picture above is decorated with artificial roses) Can you picture this cake without the roses? The roses are what bring this cake to life.

Use Fondant Frosting

Have you ever wondered how the frosting on wedding cakes can be so smooth? Wedding cakes are made with a different type of frosting called fondant. If you try to use regular frosting, your cake will look like a birthday cake. You can order fondant frosting online or find it in specialty wedding stores.

Using Styrofoam is Much Easier

One of your biggest challenges as you make your wedding cake will be to get it to hold the right shape. You can order Styrofoam wedding cakes online. You might feel weird putting frosting on Styrofoam but it is much easier and will always hold its shape. (The cake in the photo above is made of Styrofoam and fondant frosting)

You won’t be eating the cake, but it will be much easier to make and will look fantastic! You can pretend to “cut the cake” for pictures, or you can make the top tier of the cake out of real cake. Don’t forget that your wedding guests want cake. Making tasty sheet cakes for your guests is a great alternative.

Use YouTube or Other Video Sharing Sites

Video sharing websites like YouTube are a great way to learn new traits. Watch instructional videos on how to make wedding cakes and how to work with fondant frosting. Best of luck as you work on your wedding cake! We hope it turns out wonderful!

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