Do Weddings Change With Time?

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Today I am addressing a question that has been frequently asked over the years.  As time goes on we will continue to see things change.  There will be different styles, as well as some new traditions.  A question that I am commonly asked is if weddings change as time goes on.

In short, I can tell you that some things change and some things to stay the same.  There are certain traditions that have been a part of weddings for hundreds and even thousands of years.  There are other things that we’re seeing implemented as styles and culture change.

Many of you could have answered this question yourself.  The reason I am writing is because I want to go into more detail.  Of course things change in time.  But what traditions should you include in your wedding celebration and what is simply outdated.

Let’s start with music 

In the past 50 years there have been dozens of classic love songs that can be played at a wedding.  It is important to play a few of your favorite classic love songs as well as some new and trendy songs.  It is okay to play classic songs and it is okay to play new and trendy songs. There are a few things to keep in mind.

At your wedding you are trying to entertain a broad audience.  You will have parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents along with each of your friends at your wedding.  You will even have to keep younger siblings and cousins in mind as you choose your music.  Make sure your choice of music will bring pleasure to all of your guests.

Wedding traditions

There are certain traditions that you will want to implement your wedding.  From cutting the cake to the first dance and throwing the bouquet it is obvious that many traditions should never change.  On the other hand you can take these traditions and add your personality or even modernize them.

For example, a common tradition was to throw bird seed into the air as the bride and groom left the building.  In recent years I have seen this tradition change to wedding guests lighting sparklers and make a hallway of sparklers for the bride and groom to run through.  This is an example of modernizing an old tradition.

Style and décor

The biggest changes we have seen in weddings as time goes on are style and décor changes.  If you want to modernize a wedding this is where you should make changes.  You can decorate your wedding any way you would like.  When someone arrives to your wedding celebration they should see and feel your personality in the environment.

This does not mean that your wedding has to be modern and unique.  A classic formal wedding will always be appealing to wedding guests.  At your wedding celebration you can serve food, you can serve desserts only, or you can serve both.  This is all up to you.

Trends and styles will continue to change as time goes on.  As this happens the environment of weddings will change but we will continue to see classic wedding traditions as the years pass.

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