Finalize Your Wedding Plans: 10 things to save for last

salt lake wedding reviews blogIn today’s post, we are sharing some tips about finalizing your wedding plans. Here is a short list of things you should be doing in those last few weeks before the wedding day. Keep in mind that this isn’t an all-inclusive list; these are simply some of our thoughts to help your last few weeks run more smoothly.

Make the wedding legal
The only reason you need to do this last is because marriage licenses are usually only good for about 4 weeks. Please don’t forget about your marriage license! Get the license as soon as possible (making sure it doesn’t expire before the wedding). Call and find out how long marriage licenses are valid in your city/county.

Finalize details with your vendors
You have spent so much time and effort making wedding plans. It’s time to visit each of your vendors and make sure everything is “good to go”. Make sure they have a clear understanding of what you want.

Run through your plans
Run through the remainder of your wedding plans and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything. Make sure everything is paid for. Make sure you have enough helping hands to make sure everything gets taken care of on the wedding day.

Pack for your honeymoon
We strongly recommend packing for your honeymoon before the wedding (even if you have a few days before you leave). Your home will be full of wedding gifts and you’ll be completely unorganized. Pack early and avoid the headache.

Pack a wedding emergency kit
Make sure you are prepared for any possible problem on your wedding day. Pack medicine for headaches or achy feet. Bring extra makeup and hairspray, snacks, water and comfortable shoes in-case you can’t take the heels any longer. Make sure you have your bags packed for the wedding night.

Finalize hair and make-up appointments
You might be one of those enthusiastic brides that scheduled her hair and make-up appointments 6 months in advance. If so, make sure you confirm your appointments. Make sure your stylist has plenty of time to make you look beautiful.

Make sure your fiancée is ready
It’s important to be organized and “ready to go”; but it’s equally important to make sure fiancée is organized and ready. If your fiancée is known to procrastinate, make sure he is working on his wedding arrangements. Sit down with him and make sure he’s taken care of tuxedos, etc.

Organize living arrangements
We are sure you have been looking at apartments or homes. It’s time to buy or rent! It’s always less stressful to prepare your new home before the wedding. Set up furniture and start decorating to make your new home look nice. It’s far more romantic to come into your new home (furnished and decorated) after the wedding.

Wind down, clear your mind and go on a date
After months of wedding planning, you’ll be tired and stressed. It’s important that you clear your mind before your wedding week. Finish up with wedding plans early so you can take a break. Go to the gym, relax and get plenty of sleep. Make sure your relationship with your fiancée is better than ever. Go on dates, laugh and spend time together.

Spend time with family and friends
When you are stressed or anxious, it’s often best to spend time with loved ones. Hang out with family and friends. Laugh and have a good time. Ask them specifically to help you get your mind off of wedding plans. Remember these words: YOUR WEDDING WILL BE PERFECT!!! Don’t stress about the wedding!

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