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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding experience; and finding the perfect ring is a crucial part of getting engaged. We can’t find the perfect ring for you but today we’ll give you our thoughts on finding your perfect ring.

Difficulties of Ring Shopping
One unique thing about finding your ring is the fact that your groom will be the one buying it. Traditionally the bride shouldn’t see the ring until the groom pops the question. This can be hard for brides because they want the ring to be perfect.

Another difficulty with ring shopping is finding the perfect ring that falls within your budget. For some brides, this seems to be impossible.

Helping Your Groom Find It!!!
Every couple has a different situation so giving advice about this subject is difficult. However we have learned that most couples at least talk about marriage before the groom pops the question.

It’s important that the groom knows exactly what you are looking for before he buys a ring. You will be the one wearing it your whole life; so you better love it!

Our first suggestion is to find your ring online and show him photos of what you are looking for. Our second suggestion is to have a friend or family member play middle man. Take a friend ring shopping and show them exactly what you are looking for then have your loved one help the groom find your ring.

Find a Ring You Can Afford
It is SO IMPORTANT that you find an affordable ring. If you want a pricey ring, start saving. It isn’t fair to put your groom in a situation where he has buy a ring he can’t afford.

We all know that diamonds are expensive. If you want a diamond ring and can’t afford it you have a few options.

Many brides want a large stone so they buy a man-made diamond with intentions to replace it with a natural diamond in the future. Man-made diamonds look very similar to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price.

Rings with dozens of small diamonds are in style. Many small diamonds are far less expensive than one large diamond. We encourage you to at least look for rings that have lots of small diamonds.

Love Your Ring
Once the ring is on your finger, love it! Don’t be the bride that is always wishing she had something else. Most brides find rings they like more after the wedding. Fall in love with your ring and make it your favorite!

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