Finding the Right Day for Your Wedding

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As you approach your wedding you need to make a decision on when the wedding will be. This is as important and a difficult decision. Today we’ll discuss our thoughts on finding the perfect day for your wedding.

The most important thing to consider as you set a date:

Guest Turnout
It’s important that you choose a day that is convenient for your guest. Of course your wedding is all about you, but the day will be even more special if each of your loved ones can make it.

How to assure a high guest turnout:
First off, don’t expect everyone to make it to your wedding. On average brides see about 50% of their guest list present on their wedding day. There are however a few things you can consider that might make your wedding more convenient for your guests.

Obviously you don’t want your wedding to be on the exact day of a holiday due to loved ones already having plans. Having your wedding on a holiday weekend is a common idea for brides. In our opinion, it’s best to avoid holiday weekends as well.

Over time we have learned that people generally make plans on holiday weekends; even on the less significant holidays. Plus down the road it will be difficult to celebrate an anniversary when your kids want to enjoy a holiday together.

Day of Week
Another important decision you should make is which day of the week you’ll have your wedding on. Here are a few things to consider:

Friday and Saturday seem like the perfect nights for a wedding but over time, Thursday weddings have great turnouts. This may be because people are more prone to have plans on weekends.

Avoid Sunday weddings. We have seen that religious activities have a large impact on guest turnout. Monday night weddings are generally under-attended as well.

Sporting Events & Other Busy Days
It’s crucial to pay close attention to future events as you approach your wedding. If your wedding lands on the same day as a sporting event, concert, or charity event your guest turnout will be affected.

We Wish You The Best!
After all of this advice, don’t over stress about the decision. It’s impossible to find a day that works for everyone. Keep in mind that the most important people to please are you and your immediate family. Enjoy your wedding!


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