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Since the internet is playing a more and more prominent role in wedding planning; we thought we would share a few things that will help you find wedding vendors online. The internet has brought wedding planning to a whole new level. Your possibilities are endless.

In today’s post we want to teach you about the 3 different types of wedding vendors you will find online.

Storefront Wedding Vendor

Storefront vendors have a physical storefront or business location. It is best to find local vendors that are in your area. These vendors have websites and other online resources to help you find their business. You can contact them by phone, email or just dropping by their storefront.
Bridal shops are great example. You will choose your dress, try it on and have it tailored all in the same place.

Some Wedding Caterers have storefronts. With this type of business, all of the tasting and planning will be done at the storefront. On your wedding day
they will travel to your wedding to provide their service.

Local Traveling Wedding Vendors

A local traveling vendor is a local wedding business that does not have a physical storefront. These vendors still cater to your area but do not need a storefront for their business. For example, many Wedding Photographers have all the right equipment to shoot your wedding but take care of the rest of their business from home. You can find Florists, Caterers and many other types of wedding vendors that do not have a physical storefront.

These wedding businesses have websites and other online resources so you can find them. You usually contact them by email or phone. They then set up a consultation at your home, a public place or at their home office.

Online or Virtual Wedding Vendors

Some of the vendors you find online do all of their business through the internet. This basically means that you order something from their website and they send it to you in the mail. For example there are dozens of online Wedding Invitation & Announcement companies. You can design invitations online and they send them to you in the mail. Some of these companies will send the invitations directly to your wedding guests.

Some brides like virtual wedding vendors because they can be inexpensive and fast. Other brides want to touch, see, taste or smell each wedding item before they make any decisions.

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