The Groomzilla!

Wedding Planning
We have written a few warning posts about “bridezilla’s”. In the wedding world we are starting to see a new word surface; “groomzilla”. Today’s post is dedicated to teach you about the dreaded “groomzilla”!

What is a Groomzilla?
A groomzilla is exactly what you are thinking; it’s a male version of a bridezilla. If you follow the popular wedding television shows, you have probably seen a groom that oversteps his bounds and causes contention during the planning process. From trying to take charge of every small detail to being overly opinionated about the brides dress, even a groom can take it too far.

How far is too far?
As a groom’s opinion is certainly important, some grooms are stubborn and want everything their way. A groom has overstepped his bounds when he overpowers the thoughts and opinions of his bride. Make sure you put your future wife ahead of yourself. A note to brides: it’s important that you are happy but make sure that you are both happy.

Traditionally the bride and her family are in charge of the wedding. If you are planning a wedding traditionally we suggest that the groom take a step back and let your future family take charge of the wedding.

Our advice to the Groom
If you are a groom we suggest that you help your bride make big picture decisions but leave the small things to her. Help make decisions when it comes to the budget, the honeymoon, the guest list, and so on. When it comes to colors, decorations, and flowers wouldn’t you rather have a happy bride than have your way?

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