Hiring a Wedding Cake Professional

hiring a professional wedding cake designer in Salt Lake
Earlier this year we posted about making your own wedding cake. The post was dedicated to brides that couldn’t afford to hire a wedding cake specialist. In today’s post we would like to give our thoughts on hiring a specialist to make your wedding cake.

Your wedding cake will be remembered by each of your guests. It is important that your cake not only looks amazing but tastes fabulous as well. Hiring a wedding cake specialist is the best way to ensure a fantastic wedding cake.

Hiring a Wedding Cake Specialist

Dream Big
The first thing you need to do is compile photo album of wedding cakes you love. Search magazines, Pinterest and the internet for photos of wedding cakes. Print the photos of your favorite cakes and put them in a folder. You will be showing these photos to your cake specialist. Don’t worry about cost when looking at designs.

Meet with a Wedding Cake Professional
Search for wedding cake specialists that have plenty of experience. Look for reviews and ratings to find the best designers in your area. Make sure to look at the cake designer’s portfolio and decide if you like their style.

Once you find a professional, show them the photos of your dream cake. Make your budget clear. Ask if they can design a cake with the same features while staying within your budget. Ask about flavor options and how many guests the cake will serve. If taste testing is offered, take advantage and make sure you enjoy the cake.

As you meet with a wedding cake designer, make sure to provide as much information as possible. Bring plenty of photos to show the designer what you are looking for. Make sure your cake designer knows about your wedding colors and your theme. Make sure your specialist knows how many guests you need to feed.

Don’t be afraid to try something unique. Traditional fruit cake can be boring. What are your favorite flavors; Peanut butter, cookies & cream, chocolate raspberry? If you can’t decide then make each tier of the cake a different flavor.

Trust your Cake Designer
As long as you have given your cake specialist plenty of information, trust that they can do the job. Remember that they make wedding cakes for a living. If they have pointers or advice, then listen. Be willing to work with them and don’t be a bridezilla.

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