How to Choose a Wedding Gift for the Bride and Groom

Registry Advice for Wedding Guests

Today we are directing our post to wedding guests instead of brides. Sorry brides; but we promise this is for your benefit. We want to help each of you wedding guests know how to find the best wedding gift for the happy newlyweds.

We recently posted an article on a survey taken by New York Magazine. The results of the survey stated that 88% of brides register for their wedding gifts. This makes your life easier when shopping but the survey also shows at 34% of brides returned at least 6 wedding gifts.

Here are 3 suggestions that will help you give the best gift possible:

Needs must come first

The bride and groom need certain things to start their lives together. Anything from a vacuum cleaner to silverware, there are certain things that we must have. As you look at the registry list, make sure all of their needs are met before you get them camping equipment or other wants.

Gift Cards

If you are having a hard time finding a gift, buy a gift card. Checks, cash and gift cards are often the gifts that couples appreciate the most. This makes it possible for them to choose their own gift. If you buy a gift card, your best bet is to choose a store that they registered for. Visa gift cards are also great.


Many guests don’t give gifts because they are embarrassed that they don’t have the money to buy something expensive. If you fall into this category, please remember that lots of small gifts add up. If each wedding guest gave a $20 gift, the wedding couple would save thousands of dollars.

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