How to Effectively Prepare for Wedding Day Mishaps

It doesn’t matter who you are or how well your wedding is planned, there is no avoiding things going wrong on your wedding day. Since your wedding is such an important day, even the smallest problems will bring a great deal of stress. From caterers running late to flower or cake complications, things are bound to go wrong. Hope for a perfect wedding but prepare to overcome small problems.

The first thing you need to do is be aware that things might not go perfectly. Try not to over-react if something goes wrong. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Enjoy yourself no matter what happens.
I am going to address a few common problems that brides come across on their wedding days. I hope this helps you with your wedding preparations.

Predictable Mishaps

The most common wedding day mishap I have run into is wedding vendors running late. I have seen caterers, florists, and photographers run late. I call this a “predictable mishap” because there are a few things you can do to prepare for these problems.
The first thing you can do is promise them more money if they arrive on time. For example, you can offer them a one hundred dollar bonus (you can choose the amount that works for you) if they have everything ready by the promised time.

My second word of advice would be to prepare for them to be late, just in case they really are. It is safe to always have a backup plan. You can do things like tell your florist that the flowers need to be ready a few hours before you actually need them. You can prepare a wedding video to be played for all of your guests in case the caterer is late. This can be a great distraction from hungry stomachs.

Unpredictable Mishaps

Running late is not the only thing that can go wrong on your wedding day so let me discuss another very common type of hassle; I like to call this type of problem the “unpredictable mishap”. These misfortunes can be anything from flowers being the wrong colors, the best man getting sick, getting a flat tire on the way to the chapel or anything else like this.

I have found that the best way to overcome an unpredictable mishap is by asking your loved ones to help. Delegation is the best way to stay happy on your wedding day. When things go wrong, ask family and friends to make things right. Your only responsibilities on your wedding day should be to get ready and show up.

Sit down with your family and friends and ask them to be prepared to fix problems. Your family, bridesmaids and groomsmen should be at your beckon call throughout your wedding. When things go wrong, give them a call. I am so excited you are getting married. I promise if you prepare for small mishaps you will have a better wedding experience. Enjoy this exciting time!

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