How to Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun!

How to make your wedding more exciting!
Think about the most exciting wedding you have ever attended. What made the wedding so amazing? Now think about the most boring wedding you have attended. What was it lacking? Today’s post is dedicated to helping you have an exciting wedding. Let’s do our best to make sure your wedding guests enjoy their experience.

The number one most important thing you need to accomplish in order to have an exciting and fun wedding reception is this; make sure your wedding guests stay the whole night. Nothing kills a wedding reception faster than guests leaving early.

Here are a few suggestions on getting your guests to stay:

Get them dancing
Most weddings have that awkward moment when the music is playing, the lights are on the dance floor and nobody is dancing. That moment always comes to an end when a few people are brave enough to jump in.

Dancing is contagious! The best way to keep your guests dancing is to ask your family and closest friends to dance the night away. Before the wedding day comes, make the bridesmaids and groomsmen promise that they will dance their hearts out.

Keep things moving (especially the toasts)
Move quickly through the wedding program. When one event is finished, move on to the next. Keep the wedding toasts short and sweet. Listening to wedding toasts is enjoyable until they drag on too long. Nothing is worse than a long wedding toast!

Keep the kids entertained
If children are invited to the reception, make sure you have a fun night planned out for the kids. Your guests will leave when their kids are ready to leave. When it starts getting late, have an area for kids to lie down and watch movies.

Keep your guests fed
If you plan on celebrating all night make sure your guests have things to snack on. Once dinner is over, keep the finger foods coming throughout the night.

Go out with a bang!
Plan something at the end of the night that your guests won’t want to miss. It can be anything from the bride and groom singing a duet to fireworks as the bride and groom drive away. Think of something exciting and make sure to announce it to your wedding guests.

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