How to Negotiate with Local Wedding Businesses

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Since most brides are on a limited budget, we are dedicating today’s post to help brides stay within their wedding budget. There are two things that typically happen when a bride is on a tight budget. She takes on a huge work load, doing most of the work herself; and she still ends up leaving out important details because of insufficient funds.

Today we will teach you how to negotiate with wedding vendors. We want you to have the best wedding possible with your budget. The truth is that they would rather give you a discount than lose your business altogether.

Step 1: Do your homework

Study the market and visit more than one business. Compare businesses and their prices. Many wedding businesses have competitive pricing. Negotiate a fair price for the service you are requesting. You will either find a vendor that will negotiate or you will find a reasonably priced vendor.

Step 2: Be Fair

Negotiating is part of business but make sure you are being reasonable. A vendor is not going to do business with you if they won’t make a profit. Be willing to take a simplified version of their service if that’s what it takes.

Step 3: Stick to your budget

Remember why you are trying to negotiate. When you see all of the amazing things a vendor has to offer, you will want to spend more money. Who wouldn’t! Show them your budget; most vendors will respect your wishes. Ask the vendor what they are willing to offer for that specific price.

Step 4: Have respect

There is nothing wrong with politely asking for a deal. Just remember that nobody likes a freeloader. Wedding vendors must make a profit. If a vendor wants your business, they will find creative ways to stay within your budget.

Step 5: Don’t be afraid of NO

If a vendor decides that they can’t help you for the price you are offering, they will say no. Don’t be offended; thank them for trying to work with you. Keep a smile on your face and move on to the next vendor.

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