Ideas for Budget Brides: Have an Open House Reception and Serve Dessert

Salt Lake Wedding Reviews Money Saving Ideas

Today’s post is directed to our budget brides. Today we will share a money saving idea that was successfully used by one of our brides.

Catering can be one of your biggest wedding expenses. If you don’t have the money to feed a few hundred guests; it’s time to get creative and think of an alternative. Here is one idea you can use, tweak or change.

Have an Open House Reception, a Doughnut Buffet and Hot Chocolate Bar

Doughnut Buffet
There is nothing wrong with delicious Chicken Cordon Blue but sometimes we can’t afford to provide a fancy meal to a few hundred people. Serving dessert only doesn’t take away from the experience. If you are serving dessert only it is best to have an open house reception. This means your guests come and go as they please. There is no reserved seating, simply places for your guests to sit and enjoy a quick treat while they watch the others dance.

Save Money With a Hot Chocolate Bar at Your Wedding!
Hot Chocolate Bar
A hot chocolate bar can be a fun addition for any wedding. All it takes is hot water, a few different types of hot chocolate and a bunch of tasty hot chocolate toppings. Put the hot chocolates and each of the toppings into separate bowls, add some serving spoons, and you have a hot chocolate buffet. This is very fun for kids. If you don’t like hot chocolate you can tweak this idea and use juice or punch.

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