Money saving suggestions for brides on a budget!

Save your Money to Plan your Utah Wedding!

Today’s post is directed towards brides who are planning a wedding on a tight budget. We know how important your wedding day is. You want your special day to be perfect. We have learned a few tricks that can save you a lot of money and we are ready to share them with you.

Save on Invitations & Announcements

Announcements and invitations are such a great addition to your wedding but sometimes you just don’t have the money. We have 2 suggestions on how you can save money and still send out wedding invitations.

You can make your own invitations. The young generation is far more computer savvy than ever before. You can use your computer to make your invitations then have them printed at Wal-Mart or a print shop.

The least expensive way to send invitations is to send them electronically. You can make an electronic wedding invitation with your computer and send them to your loved ones through email, Facebook and other social media sites. YouTube is one of the easiest ways to learn how to make invitations on the computer.

Save on Catering

We have nothing against professional catering services. In fact, if you have the money, we recommend you hire a professional caterer. The fact is, sometimes our budget is tight. Here are a few catering solutions for the budget bride.

Serve dessert! A wedding reception is a time where all of your loved ones get together and congratulate you. There is no rule that says a full meal must be served. It is very common to attend a reception where only dessert and drinks are served. Serving dessert only will easily save you a few thousand dollars.

Another option is to have family and friends help prepare the food. This will take a lot of help but we have seen it work. Have each of your closest loved ones prepare an item to bring to the reception. This works best if you are serving food buffet style.

Save on Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress can be one of your biggest expenses. If you can’t afford an expensive dress you can rent or borrow a wedding dress. This is an inexpensive way to have a nice wedding dress.

If you want to own your dress for keepsake, buying a used dress is an affordable option. Sometimes you can find a used dress that has only been worn once.

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