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Today’s post is following New York Magazine’s recent wedding addition. The magazine shows the results of a survey of 100 brides. The post is called “What They Would Have Done Differently”. Each bride described their wedding successes and regrets. We wanted to share a few things that stuck out to us.

Brides Wish They Spent More On…


Not spending enough on photography was a common regret amongst the brides. 21% stated that they wished they would have spent more. Your wedding photos are what you will want in hand in 30 years. Money spent on photography will be appreciated by your children and grandchildren.


16% of brides said that they wish they would have spent more on flowers. It is amazing how much your wedding environment changes when you add flowers. Flowers make weddings more beautiful; and that will never change.

Cake and Gown

9% of brides said that the wish they spent more on the wedding cake; and 9% wished to have spent more on the wedding dress.

A Few More Random Statistics

When these 100 brides were asked “did you use a wedding planner?” 16% said yes and 84% said no.

88% of brides registered for wedding gifts. Brides were glad they registered for gifts like kitchen knives and vacuum cleaner; and regretted registering for things like formal china and serving platters. 34% of brides returned at least 6 wedding gifts.

57% of brides who paid for their own wedding had the wedding paid for within 3 months of the wedding. 14% of brides took over a year to pay for the wedding.

Thanks for reading today’s post. As we mentioned, our post was based off of a survey taken by New York Magazine. Click here to read the entire article.

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