Some Advice about Popping the Big Question (for the Groom)

Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom

This post is for any future groom who is getting ready to pop the “will you marry me” question to a beautiful young lady. If you are ready this, you likely fall into this category. You might be nervous or maybe terrified so these guidelines should help.

Some Ground Rules

First, let me set something straight; as time goes on, important things are becoming more casual. I am not saying it’s a good thing, but it’s happening; especially with relationships. Believe me when I say, being old school is a good thing when it comes to relationships.

Couples are beginning to get engaged without a ring and sometimes couples are engaged for several years. Talk about a lack of commitment! If you fall into this category, don’t take offense, just commit.

Ring or No Ring?

If you are wondering if you can propose without a ring, it is not the best option. Having a ring is one of the main ingredients for popping the big question.

There is no rule book that says there is a price minimum for an engagement ring. If you are tight on money, don’t stress, it just means you are in the same situation as most other people. Don’t go into debt for a ring. Just find something simple. It can be inexpensive, or even a ring that has been passed down through the family. Just make sure you don’t show up for the big game without a ball.

Don’t be Cliché

Next, you need to be creative. I am not going to tell you how to propose but make sure you show your personality as you ask. When your fiancé’s friends ask her how you proposed she doesn’t want to say that you took her to dinner and just asked. Be more romantic than this.

Loved Ones are Almost Always a Plus

Getting family and friends involved is usually a great idea. Getting engaged is a very significant event. Having both families and her closest friends around is a great way to celebrate the occasion. This doesn’t mean they have to be there when you pop the question but you can always have a throw a surprise party to celebrate.

Show Confidence

If you think there is a significant chance she will say no, it probably isn’t the right time to propose. It is important to expect a “YES!!!” because it will help you to show confidence and excitement.

Timing is Everything

Another key ingredient to a fantastic proposal is the element of surprise. Your fiancé-to-be should not have a clue when you are going to ask her to be your wife. A surprise is always better.

We hope you are happy and that this time of life will be memorable. Don’t be nervous, you’ll do great!


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