Remember to Smile!

Remember to Smile on your wedding day!Today’s suggestion is basic and obvious but we still feel it’s important. We want to simply remind you to smile. It’s obvious that you’ll smile in front of the camera but don’t forget to smile when you think nobody is looking; because eyes will be on you the entire day.

Why such an obvious suggestion?
The reason we feel the need to remind you to smile is because your wedding day will be one of the longest days of your life. Your feet will hurt; you will be hungry, thirsty and tired. When you are feeling these things, it’s important not to show it.

Some of the best wedding photos we have seen are taken candidly when the bride and groom aren’t expecting it. If you make sure to ignore the aches and pains and keep the smile on your face, your wedding photos will be outstanding!

How can you ignore aches and pains and put on a smile?
Make sure you take the time to eat. Drink plenty of water; it’s ok to take a bathroom break on your wedding day. Keep your favorite over the counter pain killer in your purse for achy feet and headaches.

Above all else, do your best to have a blast! Enjoy your wedding day the best you can and your guests will be able to see the joy in your eyes!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We are happy for you! Enjoy this special time.

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