Responsibilities of a Groomsman

Salt Lake City, Utah
Yesterday we directed our post to the bridesmaids; today it feels appropriate to write to the groomsmen. A groomsman is almost always a close friend or relative of the groom. You are asked to support the groom on his wedding day and throughout the wedding experience.

The groom doesn’t usually need the emotional support that a bridesmaid gives the bride. You are there to make sure the groom enjoys his wedding experience. This does not mean that you should turn the wedding month into a giant party. It’s as simple as being a pal like you always have been.

Be a part of the Wedding and the Reception

You might be asked to stand in line beside the groom at the ceremony. You might be asked to escort a bridesmaid into the ceremony. If you are single you should dance with the single girls at the reception.

Plan the Bachelor Party

The best man is in charge of planning the bachelor party but it is your responsibility to help with the planning and preparation.

Pay for Your Tux

In many cases the groom’s family will pay for the tux. Sometimes the family doesn’t have the money. In this case it is your responsibility to scrounge up a few extra bucks and rent a tux. Sometimes the groom won’t want you to wear a tux.

Attend Each of the Events

You should attend the wedding dinners and luncheons, the couple shower, the bachelor party etc.

Act as an Usher

You will be helping wedding guests find their seats, find the bathrooms, and whatever else they might need help with. If there is traveling between the ceremony location and the reception center, you will guide the wedding guests to the reception.

Buy a Wedding Gift

It is important that you give the groom a wedding gift. This can be a gift from you or you can pitch in with the other groomsmen and get something nice.

Decorate the Car

You and the other groomsmen are responsible for decorating the wedding car. It is optional for the bridesmaids to join you.

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