Setting a Budget for your Wedding

Setting a Budget for a Utah Wedding

We are directing today’s post to one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. Money is often the number one factor in wedding planning decisions. We will teach you how to best use the money that you have for your wedding.

Decide how much you can spend
A wedding budget is as simple as deciding how much money you have to spend on your wedding. If you want to avoid the stress of wedding debt, set a firm budget and stick to it.

Decide who is paying for what
Traditionally the bride’s family pays for certain things and the grooms family pays for certain things. Make sure you know exactly what you are financially responsible for.

Divide your Budget into categories
Setting a budget is the easy part. It is important to divide your budget into categories. Decide how much money goes to your venue, how much goes to photography, catering, flowers and so on.

If you have never planned a wedding it is difficult to know how much things will cost. Do your homework in advance and shop around. It is impossible to tell you the best way to spend your money. You are unique and we don’t know what is most important to you. However, here is one tip: Wedding Venues are usually the highest expense. Most brides spend 40% – 45% of their budget on their wedding venue. Catering usually comes next.

Note: If you decide to overspend in any area, make sure to spend less on other things.

Have extra set aside
Set money aside for hidden wedding expenses. There are always extra expenses that you find out about at the last minute. These expenses will be stressful unless you are prepared for them.

Note: You can read our post on hidden wedding expenses for extra help.

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