Take It With a Grain of Salt!

Advice for Brides
As you are approaching your wedding everyone will give you advice. Everyone will try to make important decisions for you. Because you have so many loved ones who want your wedding to be perfect, we decided to dedicate this post to teach you how to take advice with a grain of salt.

First and Foremost
As loved ones give you advice and voice opinions keep in mind that they are trying to help. They are there because they love and support you. This will help you to be respectful as you hear even the craziest ideas!

A Grain of Salt
It’s time for our warning! Loving advice isn’t always good advice! Most of wedding planning is a matter of opinion. Everyone has different styles and opinions. Our advice is to politely listen to all advice then take the good and leave the bad.

It’s Your Wedding!!!
Remember that you are the bride! That means in the end, all final decisions should be made between you and the groom.

Keep in Mind
It’s important to remember that when advice is given it is often great advice. We aren’t telling you not to take advice, we are simply helping you realize that you don’t need to take advice that you don’t like. It’s important to be happy with your wedding.

Be Respectful
Last but not least; be respectful to your loved ones as they help you with your wedding. Don’t be bossy and don’t be a bridezilla. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Enjoy this special time!

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